Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend at Jennie's

Sherrie and I headed to Jennie's on Friday morning for the Memorial Day weekend. Josh and his family had arrived Thursday night. We enjoyed the rest of the day at Jennie's watching the kids and later playing "Sequence" and Canasta. We were going to go to the Dodgers' game but it was too cold and blustery to spend any time outdoors.
Josh's birthday was last week (the 18th) so we had a little celebration and a little cake.
Saturday morning started with our usual trip to Whole Foods for muffins, croissants, etc. On the way back to the house, Romy and Cora were running down the sidewalk and Romy tried to keep up. She took a tumble and scraped her knees (hence the picture of her knees...it made her feel better.) Sherrie and I and Josh and Zully took the little girls and we headed to the mall while Tyler was having his birthday party with the kids from his school class. We had some lunch and the girls played in the play area while Josh and Sherrie were enjoying a massage.
Later in the afternoon, Josh had to show everybody the "Mentos/Diet Coke" trick. Worked great. He was able to cap one and threw it into the street. It didn't go off so he kicked it. It still didn't go off. He picked it up and threw it over his head as high as he could. When it came back down and hit the street, it exploded, blowing off the cap and shooting the bottle down the street like a mini-missile. Then he did one with all the kids dropping a Mento into a bottle at the same time...well, almost at the same time. The geyser shot about 5 feet high and splashed a little on the kids...which didn't make Sophia very happy. Check out the movies of the "street" explosion and the "group" explosion. Later Josh's family headed to Zully's sister for the rest of the weekend.
Sadie woke up Sunday morning not feeling very well as you can surmise from the pictures. Sherrie and I went to Sacrament Meeting at the Sherman Oaks ward on Burbank Boulevard then headed back to Jennie's.and took Tyler and Sadie to lunch at McDonald's (sorry Rachel) and then we spent some time at the Burbank Mall.
We mostly relaxed the rest of the day and then Eric ordered Indian food for dinner. Yes, I even ate some of it and it was actually pretty good.
We headed back to Las Vegas around noon on Monday and didn't have any traffic problems at all. The traffic was fairly heavy on the southbound side.

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Rachel said...

I'll forgive you that one indiscretion (it was only the one time, right?!). It looks like you had a good time, wish we could have been there. Dad, are you still the reigning champion at Sequence? Or did they make you play by the rules this time?

Keith Thomas said...

True, it was only once. But Monday morning Sherrie forced us to eat breakfast at Jack-in-the-Box. Big mistake. I hate to waste calories like that.

Yes I continued to rule the universie. At least for a while, then I was overthrown. Following which we immediately switched to Canasta where I continued to reign victorious. At least for a while, then I was overthrown.