Friday, May 30, 2008

Sadie's Cold?

Hmmm, I'm not sure if the following comments belong in a blog or not. Oh well, here they are anyway.

I think I picked up a cold while in California last weekend. Sadie wasn't feeling 100 percent and I may have contracted it from her. I'm trying to stay close to home so I don't have the same experience as last time.

This past week I have been helping the mission office just about every day (working around my service in the Humanitarian Service Room) with a new internet-based referral program and had planned to go out there this morning to make sure the secretary was doing everything correctly. Last night was not a good night so this morning I decided to not go and stayed in bed. Then around 9:00 a.m. I remembered that I had told an Eagle Scout candidate that I would meet him at 10:00 at the mission office to review and sign his Eagle project workbook. Since I didn't have the kid's phone number, I showered and headed out. No sooner had I arrived than the kid's mother called and said he wouldn't be able to get there until about 11:30! Argggh. I told her that she would have to bring him by the house since I wasn't going to hang around and pass along my cold to everyone else in the office. They did arrive around 11:45 and I reviewed and signed the workbook.

Salt Lake is using our mission as a "beta" site for the new referral system so I have been giving them tons of feedback about bugs and needed improvements. Eventually the system will be used around the world.

So, I am back home and trying to stay in bed. I was not terribly thrilled to get the cold because tonight is our annual Father/Sons campout in Lovell Canyon and I was looking forward to going.

Sherrie is headed to Toquerville tomorrow morning to spend some time with her mom and then they are going to go up to Provo for a few days.

I plan on doing absolutely nothing...except for the inevitable coughing, sneezing, headaches, and all other things thereto associated. :)

Well, it is lunch time and Sherrie is bringing me a Big Mac.


Rachel said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you caught the cold! Better that you decided to take it easy. That's a step in the right direction. But a Big Mac?! I'll have you know that when you are in your twilight years and you have to come live with me you are not getting big macs!

Ryan said...

Hope you feel better!

Sue said...

Rachel - here's a little bit of useful info: When they are in the twilight years, you give them just about anything they want that will keep them happy and make your life easier! I think it's an old dogs new tricks situation!

Sue said...

By the way Keith, I think that's what's so great about blogs - no rules. Anything belongs on them. Just ask Kelli!

Keith Thomas said...